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OUR RABBI - Missioon and Structure


Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn, a native of Brazil, has dedicated his rabbinate to help people return to Judaism. His Master's thesis at the Hebrew Union College was an in depth study and research project into the history and lives of Crypto-Jews. 


Rabbi Jacques was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil, and was ordinated in Hebrew Union College, Cincinati (Ohio). He has a Polish rabbinic chasidic background. His grandfathers emigrated to Brazil in 1929. Proviene de una línea de rabinos hasídicos de Polonia. Sus abuelos paternos emigraron a Brasil en 1929. 

Rabbi Cukierkorn is an expert in themes like of the anusim, people forced to convert to christianism, but that had keeped their jewish identity in secret. In some cases, until today! He founded Brit Braja, the first online hispanic-jewish community. 

Being assessor in many international organizations, like Kulanu, Rabbi Cukierkorn has been the promoter of a huge mass return to Judaism. He has been teaching what is Judaism, helping people to come back to the faith or some hundreds to be converted, such as in Latin America, Europe and United States. 

Rabbi Cukierkorn is the author of a guide to Judaism, available in Spanish, Portuguese and English, named A Concise guide to judaism. Being co-author of a book about Shoah, The Holocaust, named They were just people: Stories of rescue in Poland during the holocaust, Rabbi Jacques writes in many periodics and magazines.

Rabbi Cukierkorn is the spiritual leader of the community Temple Israel (Kansas city). Vice-president in the Sociedad para el Judaismo Reformista Clásico, he is the president of Rabbi Associations, in Kansas City. He is married with Denisse Dickerman and father of two girls. He lives in Overland Park, Kansas, USA.

The Mission of Brit Braja Worldwide Jewish Outreach

Brit Braja is the first Online Progressist Synagogue in world. Its mission is to serve Hashem and the jewish people around the world.

Brit Braja looks for bring information and help to jewish people, descendents and also people who want to be a jew, in an accessible, inclusive and open way.


  1. Reach out to Spanish and Portuguese speakers who seek to return to their Jewish origins.

  2. Help create, educate and maintain synagogues and chavurot throughout Latin America as places for learning, prayer and gathering for their members.

  3. Foster activities of Tikun Olam and Tzedakah by creating partnerships between North American communities and donors with the groups we work with in Latin American.

  4. Create a virtual liberal congregation that will provide for the educational and spiritual needs of those isolated individuals as well as provide support for the small groups that have formed their own synagogues.

  5. Train and foster leadership among the communities by enhancing their educational and professional Jewish skills.

  6. The ultimate goal is to create an online academy that will qualify leaders for each community.

The Structure of Brit Braja Worldwide Jewish Outreach

Our Directory:

  • President - Rabino Jacques Cukierkorn 

  • Treasury - Marcie Pell

  • Secretary - Joyce Fulps

  • President Brit Braja Lodge México - Israel Rocha

  • President Brit Bracha Lodge Brasil - Charton Baggio Scheneider

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