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​Opportunities to help:

1) Visit one of our communities:  They love receiving visitors who come to show support and affirm their worth as fellow Jews.

2) Judaica Exchange: Donate unwanted Judaica to be distributed to new Jews.  A person born Jewish may take ritual objects for granted, but our communities are desperately in need of them, because they can't afford to buy them and even if they have the money; generally such objects are not available for purchase.  Also, there is much to be said about having a Jewish object that was cherished by a previous generation. New Jews lack this heritage. Please do not hesitate to donate used Jewish objects. 
Since we have to carry them (mailing is futile) please only donate Judaica that will not get damaged on the way (i.e. glass, china, etc..) and those which are lightweight.

3) Cash donations are also appreciated as they help us defray the cost of shipping extra bags and also allow us to buy Judaica wholesale at preferred prices.

4) Internet advertising: This is one of our main ways of reaching people.  Help us by posting notices about Brit Braja and also make contributions to enhance our Internet presence

5) Yeshiva Brit Braja: Help educate new leaders for New Jewish communities in Latin America by sponsoring a student or sponsoring a class at Yeshiva Brit Braja.  We offer many naming opportunities.

6) Donate to Brit Braja to mark a happy occasion for you and your family and friends. Honor a marriage or birth by participating in a meaningful way in our world wide community. Check below for sponsoring opportunities.

7) Make a donation in memory of a deceased person.  What better Jewish way to honor the deceased by investing in Jewish life? Check below for sponsoring opportunities.

8) Participate in one of Brit Braja's traveling Missions to see first hand the results of our work. 

9) Affiliate with Brit Braja.  Make a monthly commitment to support the important work and mission of Brit Braja. Click here to access the forms.

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